‘Pushing Beliefs’ or Accountability

‘Pushing Beliefs’ or Accountability

She said “Is the people who push their beliefs to the government’s laws. A woman should have right to her body; if the child was conceived through incest or rape the woman can’t keep that child; every time she’ll look at that kid is going to be reminded of it.”

So many questions started to occupy my head. I wanted to ask her:

Are all the abortion cases conceived via rape and incest? Because the last time I arranged one it wasn’t.

Let’s be coward and stop the heartbeat of the innocent that “barged in”, showed up uninvited, because the heartbeat of the guilty must go on.

No, I think questions are better than statements.

You don’t think the abortion sears women’s conscience and perpetuate men’s irresponsibility?

When biology betrays us and we demand license to kill-eliminate the consequences-are we then going to drop the adjectives we call males-pigs, dogs, schmuck-for haphazardly dropping the seed of life among females? Are we imitating them out of envy or competing to catch up to them in killing?

Who ‘assured’ us that consent to unprotected sex is not consent to pregnancy?

Would we ‘harvest‘ zombies with will of their own from easily rejecting all these living DNAs, heartbeats, and smashed limbs and sculls?

How long would we get away with murder?

 But even more important,

isn’t it wiser to follow the money, so that we can find out who is gaining from giving us ‘the right to our body autonomy’?

Actually I want to know ‘Do you mean Christians, when you say “pushing their belief”? Isn’t the Sixth Commandment “Thou shall not murder”, a moral imperative, no matter where the location of the heartbeat.

Then a lecture started to build up, in my head. (It is so hard to fight the natural tendency of quick to speak and slow to listen.)

I wished I could explain:

FYI, true Christians don’t just push their beliefs. They ‘push’ good judgment’, since when the promoting of good judgment has become detrimental to a society?

Christians are not made of the cream of the crop, but for whatever mysterious reason we were convicted for being lost willfully or unbeknown to us. There is Good News though even for scumbags like us #1Corinthians6v11. There’s forgiveness, and adoption. The Good News of the Gospel of Christ is not religion is Divine Solution. It is hope for us that have commited premeditated murder of the innocent.

To quote A.W. Tozer “Humans are not damned, they are lost.”

Christians sound like a broken record to the world, just like a responsible parent sounds, you being one of them, when repeatedly warning and advising your children. We Christians are impartial; the whole world is ours to warn, because we’ve been there and have ‘missed many marks’ and fell short of the glory of God. #Romans3v23

We know the Way, the One Who NEVER ‘missed the mark’ as result He boldly claimed “I am the way, the truth and the life.” #John14v6 and since truth offends I am convinced that does not brainwash anyone but sets us free.

We Christians dare to warn the world from the works of the one who comes only to steal and kill and destroy. #John10v10 in the abortion case deceives us by pointing “the right to our body autonomy”, but not reminding the duty to be accountable for our careless actions and decisions we make using our body.

Christians live for the future that’s why we gather the courage to speak the truth in the present. Since, at least, the 4th century Christians have had to fight against the practice of abandoning unwanted children. The hasty decision to stop heartbeats that cannot defend him/herself points to the fact that we are lost looking for “freedom” even if it comes in stained conscience.

Hearing the truth is a human right. If a doctor hides from the patient the diagnosis, he/she/them/they loses his/her/their license for negligence, doing harm by omission-letting the patients perish physically allowing disease to spread. Not sharing knowledge, about results in the future, is uncaring, unethical.

Fear of being misunderstood or mistreated does not let Christians off the hook when others are deprived of the opportunity to hear the truth. Bible is loud and clear of the responsibility to be whistle blower. Ezekiel 3:18, 33:2-9, Colossians 1:28

Christians are not instructed to pick and choose who deserves to know the truth. Just like lighthouses were a sign of land/life for the explorers and for the pirate ships so we are not given the liberty to assume which image bearer deserves to perish and which one to be regenerated.

Bridges too are built to allow the passing from one side to another. The upwards Bridge died and resurrected to make available the passing, of all who believe, from gravity of ignorance to freedom that comes with knowing the Source of all wisdom and Christ Jesus whom He sent. #John17v3

God has no favorites #Colossians3v25, #1Peter1v17 therefore suppressing the truth and pretending that abortion is not murder won’t serve us. At the same time He Who created us in His Own Image #Genesis1v27 wants no one to perish. #2Peter3v9

I hear often women saying for various things they go through “How come no one tells us these things?” Or “I wish someone had told me this when I was younger. Or I wish I knew what I know now; I would’ve prevented so many unnecessary headaches/struggles.” Even articles are written titled “What your— won’t tell you….” We want to be warned, we appreciate sharing of wisdom-‘the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.’ That’s what Christians are doing by being anti abortion.

Should a blind person that has gotten the sight watch another blind fall into a ditch because might get offended if is warned of falling?

Christians warn because the blood of the lost and of the innocent is in their hands if they keep silent out of fear of persecution. Even Pilate the Roman Governor who handed people for crucifixions left, right and center knew to wash his hands prior to delivering the innocent Christ Jesus to the soldiers to be crucified. #Matthew27v24

My coworker’s voice brought me back to the workplace “How unfair life is for women! A man can get laid everyday with different women, get them all pregnant and not a worry in the world!” 

I told her, how unfair is that some women would do anything to have a biological child and so many others haphazardly throw theirs in the trash. But most of all abortion is a heavy burden on woman’s conscience.

“Oh, you saw it in the news?!” she exclaimed, “The Garbage Collectors found a baby in the trash can!”

That’s the reason I have no TV. Heart broken I googled… and read

May 3, 2022

“Police sources told Global News the human remains are those of a very small person — possibly a child or an infant.”

WOW, I said, in my head, there we have the results of seared conscience. God’s image bearers by default are discarded like a fast-food container, malignant tumor or cancerous tissue when the accountability is considered denying of human rights.

I proceeded to tell her about an acquaintance of mine that adopted a baby boy, now 18, who was conceived as result of rape. Jennifer, a nurse practitioner, was single when she met the boy’s mother and arranged to adopt her baby. When the boy was six they moved from a cosmopolitan, big, city to a small island so she could take care of her elderly mother. The boy grew up quite independent going to all his extra curriculum classes and musical organ lessons by himself since his adopted mother worked shift work to support them.

My coworker replied “Yea but that’s not the case for everyone.”

I wanted to say, ‘Yea but whoever has lived the consequences of:

willful or unbeknown blindness,


exploring curiosities that bring irreversible damage,

denial and suppression of truth

has to warn others; it is not “pushing their beliefs” it is basic human moral responsibility.

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